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The Most Performed Cosmetic Plastic Surgeries Today

Cosmetic surgery is a one of the types of plastic surgery that is performed to improve on one’s appearance. The types of cosmetic plastic surgery available are breast augmentation facelift, forehead lift, eyelid surgery, brow lift and liposuction. Insurance companies do not cover cosmetic surgeries claims, it is crucial that you keep this in mind when you seek that service.

A facelift is a procedure that is done to enhance the facial features of a patient who claims to require it. A facelift can also be done when the effects of aging led to skin sagging. The facelift procedures are guaranteed to make one look younger than their actual age and this makes the procedure effective in reversing aging effects. This revelation has led many to do it on themselves.

Facelift aims to tighten the skin around the cheeks, jawline and neck making it appear younger. It is important to note that a facelift will not solve skin wrinkles it will only help reduce the breakout of more wrinkles. You can opt to go for a mini-facelift that guarantees quick recovery, it is more affordable and you will get the minor lift you wanted.
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The surgery that removes the sagging skin around the eye, sometimes known as eye bags is known as Eyelid surgery. The end result of this procedure is the youthful glow. The procedure is normally done on the top or bottom of the eye. A person usually looks tired when they have eye bags but the lower eyelid procedure will ensure they are removed. It is only the skin underneath the eyebrow that is removed when the upper eyelid surgery is promised. It should be done carefully as it should not tamper with normal vision. The skin, fat and the underlying muscles are removed and a scar is left but it can hardly be seen. The final reveal after a plastic surgery procedure is usually worthwhile.
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There is another procedure called the forehead lift. ‘Browplasty’ or ‘Brow lift’ are the other words that refer to forehead. These procedure is only done to people who have creases on their foreheads. The effects of this procedure is that one gets to look younger. Other than these botox injections can still do the trick though it is temporary and the forehead lift has more long lasting effects.

For a more natural look the forehead lift is more recommended, the botox injections and the forehead lift both leave a certain extent of scarring. The good thing about the scarring is that it can be hidden by the hairline. Hiding the scar when one has a residing hairline is hard.

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