A Little Semarang Travel Guide for You

What makes semarang travel guide much more important is the fact that the city lacks in documentation or exposure that should be able to propel it to the level of fame as enjoyed by Bali or Lombok. This is not to say that you cannot find any sort of information regarding the city. A simple lookup on the net will turn in results for at least the most popular tourist sites in the city. However, said information might be minimal at best. And those sources of information may yet to include lesser known sites that are still worth exploring once you get to the city. A travel guide should be able to help you in this regard and show you the city’s nooks and crannies so there are no stones left unturned.

A semarang travel guide map should come in handy and direct you to exciting places the internet has yet to uncover. At the very least, this map should be enough for you to navigate the city. Semarang is by no means too large a city that you would need energy and time to explore it. This is despite the title it holds for being Indonesia’s fifth largest city because that title mainly refers to the city’s rank in terms of population number. But there are no skyscrapers that are so bedazzling they have no difference with a jungle. The few that exist are not enough to cause confusion. The city is far cry from the concrete jungle that is Jakarta. So, why do you need a map anyway if this is the case?

The reason why you need semarang travel guide for trip is simply for the sake of simplicity and practicality. Without a map at hand or someone who is familiar with the city, you would spend your time mostly on the streets, trying to figure out the road leads back to your hotel from a spot in the city. In the process, you would end up getting on a taxi. Cost for a ride on a cab is perhaps more affordable in Semarang as compared to any other places in Asia but if only you could help yourself, you would avoid yourself from having to need one in the first place. You could arrange a tour package with some travel agents beforehand. This is perhaps the easiest and most convenient way to enjoy Semarang. But those who are willing to try it all out themselves, a map and a guide are the things of great importance. Here are some of the highlights of the city to look forward to:

  1. TokoOen

This establishment offers you two-in-one experience: to wonder its architectural design and its variegated menu. First established in 1910, the eatery displays a style that combines everything old-style. It features influences of Chinese and European designs. The menu in this eatery is a reminiscence of the olden days, perfect for anyone who at least has heard of the menu to experience.

  1. Semarang’s assortment of cuisines

Lumpia is the most well-known souvenirs to take back home from Semarang. It is a type of roll filled with unripe bamboo shoots cooked along with chicken shreds. The snack is served with cucumber slices and bird’s eye chili pepper. Other items to enjoy while in Semarang are tahu gimbal (fritters with prawn filling served with shrimp-paste-based sauce), tahu pong (fried tofu dish), a type of Semarang-style chicken soup, pisang planet (grilled banana served with toppings of choices), durian esteler (a type of beverage that is made of shaved ice, fruit slices, syrup, and topped with durian flesh).



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