4 Things To Do in Medan

Therefore, if you’re looking for an exciting, one-of-a-kind adventure, Things To Do in Medan is the place to go. Intrigued already? We’ve put together a short list to assist you to get started.

Here are 4 exciting things you never expected to do in and around Medan:

1. Indulge In the Best of Indonesian Cuisine
Now, this is the obligatory point about food. Don’t look at us like this — we promise these delicacies are worth it! Especially LontongSayur, Medan’s own specialty, consisting of a soup made from SayurLodeh (vegetable soup with coconut milk), tofu, Tempeh (fermented soybean), Sambal, boiled egg, Rendang, and more significantly! Lontong (steamed rice in banana leaves). Other popular must-try dishes include BihunBebek (duck vermicelli noodles), Mie Pangsit (Medan’therefore take on wanton mee), and also for all you spicy food lovers: Saksang (traditional Batak cuisine made from pork)! Are your tastebuds tingling yet? We propose heading to Merdeka Walk to begin your food conquest. You’ll find other amazing Indonesian foods there and, if you do need a beer to unwind, just make your way to among the numerous bars.

2. Set Foot At A seventeenth Century Hakka Mansion
Feel as if you’ve been transported back in time at Tjong A Fie Mansion, a historic landmark which was once the home of Tjong A Fie, a rich Hakka Chinese businessman, and a present from him to his wife. With 35 rooms and 2 storeys, this mansion is an must-visit for those who enjoys architecture and culture — for this area features Chinese, Malay, and Art Deco influences, and a construction structure observing Feng-Shui principles. Examine the seventeenth century furniture and Peranakan artifacts at the in-house museum, or combine a free guided tour of the complete place for a truer experience.
3. Understand About Medan’s Royal History At Istana Maimun
In addition to being helmed as one of Indonesia’s most beautiful palaces, you should visit the Maimun Palace for its collections from its royal history in the nineteenth century, and spectacular architecture affected by the Dutch and Spanish. View the luxurious inauguration throne in its glory, and get an up-close look at the antique interiors and furniture that have maintained Muslim culture during colonial times. If you’re down for a short yet intriguing history lesson, don’t give this place a miss.

4. Shower At A Two-Colour Waterfall
Sibolangit Waterfall isn’t like any other waterfall: its own 100-metre long cascade is a shade of greyish-white, although its own plunge pool is a dazzling emerald blue — a result of a distinctive phenomenon wherein 2 distinct colors exist at the exact same waterfall! Picture it against a rocky cliff and serene greenery… The view is just spectacular. The water could be somewhat chilly but should you’re game, you can dive into it! Otherwise, you can dine at the numerous food stalls situated along the trails while taking in the beautiful surroundings. Do remember to bring proper, sturdy shoes should you’re coming — the rocky grounds may get slick!